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Rolly G. Bueno Jr.

PHP developer. Not an expert, simply geek.

In this Simply Instagram Currently Popular Shortcode Demo, I’m using the polaroid presenttion and prettyPhoto slideshow for display option. This demo is using cache for every 3 minutes. Shortcode used:

    [simply_instagram endpoints=”media” type=”popular” size=”standard_resolution” display=”20″ presentation=”polaroid” displayoption=”prettyPhoto” width=”200px”  showphotographer=”true” photocomment=3 stat = “true” photocaption=”false” displaycomment=”false” ]  

In this Simply Instagram demo, I’m using Simply Instagram Self Feed type value in shortcode argument. This will show the photos of the people I’m currently following and NOT my photo uploads. I decided to display every arguments for this demo and single viewer so you will have an idea how it looks like. Shortcode

In this Simply Instagram Recent Media Shortcode demo, by default, the shortcode will be using Polaroid display instead of Masonry unless specified and by using prettyPhoto slideshow in displaying single image. When clicking the images below, you will be redirected to Instagram link. This can be achieve by using “displayoption” argument in shortcode. Please do not be

Every PHP programmer or definitively all programmers must have encountered array in respective programming languages they’re good at. Either it single or multidimensional, every array is tricky. If you are a wordpress developer either it’s plugin or theme or simply administrator, you must have known the popular Contact Form 7 and the independent plugin associated

Visual Basic 2012 also known as VB 11 or Visual Basic .NET is the latest stable release from Microsoft, which implemented on .NET Framework. In this blog entry, we’re going to teach you on how to create login form in VB.Net using Microsoft Access 2007. The reason I choose Access over SQL Server is that

  In this Simpy Instagram wordpress plugin demo, I’m using shortcode for all my media likes( photos that I’ve liked across Instagram ) with the limit of latest 20 liked photo. It’s uses masonry presentation. Please note that this demo does not include the following: Photo comment. Photo caption. In shortcode, Simply Instagram support 3 display